The largest selection of different slot machines awaits you at Casino Admiral Ruggell. The latest and most modern slots of the last Novomatic generation, meet local classics, that have enjoyed great popularity for many years.

High payout percentages and many different jackpot islands, as well as a mystery jackpot system, to which most of the machines in our casino are connected, promise constant excitement in the game.

The reels start to spin here from just CHF 0.20, and the highest winnings are in the six-digit range. At Casino Admiral Ruggell you are sure to find the right game!


For friends of the most popular card game in casinos, there are two tables in the Casino Admiral Ruggell. The fun starts with a bet of 5 CHF. Although those who want to invest or risk more, will also find the right offer by us.

Interesting sidebets and a generous set of rules that offer you many options guarantee an exciting gaming experience. Our friendly and competent staff will be happy to help you with any questions regarding the game.


Ultimate Texas Hold'em is a variant of poker, in which you play against the croupier. This game has been enjoying increasing popularity for years because it combines all the elements that lead to success in poker. With strategy, an understanding of the game and sometimes a little “bluff”, you have a chance to enjoy the smile of Fortuna.

Even with little experience, you will have learned this exciting game quickly and will soon put on your best poker face.

High payout percentages guarantee a thrilling gaming experience even with small stakes. The rules correspond to international standards, and our friendly team will be happy to help you with any questions or uncertainty.


Roulette, the classic among casino games, is known to everyone. For centuries, gamers have been thrilled by the entertainment and excitement that comes from a small ball spinning in a wheel and finally landing up randomly on a number.

The possible uses in roulette are very diverse. There are many different ways to combine numbers, and thereby also many different payout percentages. So you decide for yourself whether you prefer to stay on the safe side and realize small profits, or rather recklessly bet everything on one number in order to receive a correspondingly high payout.

But you don't have to be a professional and know about all the possibilities of the game to enjoy exciting entertainment here. The odds are the same for everyone, and in the end the ball decides where to land.